An inspirational craftalong; once a month, through our four seasons. Guided by the wonderful book, "The Children's Year: Seasonal crafts and clothes" by Cooper, Fynes-Clinton, and Rowling.

Friday, February 19, 2010

project 106 #1

Here are my heart potato prints (on even more hearts), strung together to form a banner. In the top picture they are having a grand time flapping like a kite tail, and on the bottom they are quite tuckered out from their adventure in the wind. They now hang in my boys' play area. I have a new found love for banners of all kind. My boys made paper bags to hold sweet treasures for Valentine's day, you can see them here:

By the way, to everyone reading along out there, it is never to late to join in.
Peace and love. Anna

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  1. Hello there :) I've met you at the Net Loft while knitting... I visit Cordova nearly every summer..... anyway Dottie sent me the link here and I would really love to join the craft-a-long. Looking forward to it :)