An inspirational craftalong; once a month, through our four seasons. Guided by the wonderful book, "The Children's Year: Seasonal crafts and clothes" by Cooper, Fynes-Clinton, and Rowling.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January, project 108

At first I thought we could all just pick any project from the current season/section, but working the same project together will be great (as it is a craftalong). In this way we could all see the results of the same project with wonderful variations.

January's craftalong will be project 108, the Needle Case

I love this project, perfect for a beginning knitter (whether that be an adult or child).

Located on page 159, it is a very simple knitted rectangle; using wool felt for the needle pages, and two cords to tie. It calls for DK wool and a pair of size 4 needles. However one can use any type of wool and needles to achieve the envisioned result.

Craftalong with love! Anna

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  1. Like I said on your other blog page....I love this idea! Thanks! I just ordered the book, so that I know what we're talking about ;-)

    Heidi Margit